Gouldian Finch recovery plan for Kungarakan and Warai Traditional Lands in North Australia

Gouldian Finch – Erythrura gouldiae – The Gouldian Finch once lived and prospered in Kungarakan and Warai Traditional Country which ranges from approximately 50 kilometres south of Darwin to beyond Adelaide River. It goes across past Litchfield National Park and over past Lake Bennett. Darwin River Dam and Manton Dam fall within this area as does Berry Springs and Batchelor. Two well-known closed mines, Woodcutters and Rum Jungle, are also on our country as is Brown’s Mine. We have been granted over 300 square kilometres of land under the Finniss River Land Trust. Considerable amounts of land that are untouched are classed as savannah – flat and hilly land. Parts of our Country are described in sections 2.1.1 to 2.3.1 of the report “Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Planning – Coomalie Community Government Council”, 29.11.10.


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